Computer assisted reporting3
Supply Chain Management5
European citizenship4
Intercultural communication3
Didactische stage 216
English Glossary3
Ethical managerial problem-solving3
Survival Dutch3
Asian business topics4
Strategic management and international business4
Travel technology3
English - advanced level4
French - advanced4
Internship in office management13
Small business project17
PITCH - public relations and information12
Event management - practical work combined with English Glossary12
International Tourism3
Crossmedia project Online6
Crossmedia project Print6
Crossmedia project Radio6
Introduction in Chinese language4
Visual Journalism12
English - pre-intermediate level4
Crossmedia Project Television6
English - intermediate6
French - pre-intermediate level6
French - intermediate level6
German - introduction3
German - pre-intermediate level3
Spanish - introduction3
Spanih - pre-intermediate level3
Cross-language project (French - English - German)3
Cross-language project (French - English)3
Pitch Commercial Communication Advertising/Interactive12
Eventmanagement practice12
Dissertation Commercial communication12
Internship Commercial communication12
Dissertation Public relations and information12
Internship Public relations and information12
Dissertation Event12
Internship Event(concept & organisation)12
Customer Relationship Management4
Practicum 2: Transport10
Project: intercultural tourism3
Practicum 2 :Touroperating10
Practicum 2: Practicum business travel10
Security, environment & mobility3
Financial markets and products5
Investment theory4
Financial Management 13
Internationale Communicatie 36
Internationale communicatie 40
   Engels 32 
   Engels 42 
   Spaans 12 
English 3 for journalism students4
Media & Diversity3
International Media4
English - intermediate 14
English - intermediate 23
IT Applications0
   Travel technology3 
Project Management4
Network Technology 16
Network Technology 25
Network Technology 34
Network Technology 44
Information Security3
Investment portfolio management4
Research project7
Enterprise Resource Planning4